JsonPathInfo Class

Provides information about a json path. Particularly for JsonValueMapping.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Configuration.JsonMapping
Assembly: MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 23.12.13247.3
public class JsonPathInfo
Object    JsonPathInfo


JsonPathInfo Constructor.


ContainsPlaceholders Indicates whether the path contains any placeholders.
Path The path.
PlaceholderPattern Regular expression pattern to extract placeholders from path segments.
Segments The path segments.


GetPathMatcher Creates a regular expression that can matches real paths with this path.
GetSegments Splits a json path into segments.
GetTokenSearchPath Converts the path into an appropriate token search path.
ResolvePlaceholders(String) Finds all placeholders and indexes them by their segment index.
ResolvePlaceholders(String) Finds all placeholders and indexes them by their segment index.
ResolvePlaceholderValuesFromPath Extracts placeholder values from a "real" path.
ResolveSegmentPlaceholders Resolves any placeholders within a single path segment.
ResolveSegmentPlaceholderValues Resolves placeholder values from a real path segment given a template segment.
ResolveSegmentsWithWildCardArrayIndexes Gets the indexes of segments with wild-card array indexes.
ResolveSettablePath Determines the real settable target path to map a source value to. Replacing wild-card array indexes with real indexes, replacing placeholder values with real values, and ensuring placeholder values are set in the target.
SegmentHasArrayWildCard Determines if a segment contains a wild card array index.
SelectMatchingTokens Finds the tokens in a json object structure matching the path.
SetPathIndexes Get the specific path for a target value by replacing any array index wild cards in the target path with indexes used in the source value's path.

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