M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
ExpressionEx Object
The ExpressionEx class represents an extended expression.
Public Methods
Creates a copy of the object.
Public Properties
The conditions that limit the values (property folders) of this expression.
The basic expression.
Bit flags that provide additional information on the expression in the context of a grouping level.
Folder listing algorithm. Used to optimize property folder listings on intermediate view levels.
The name of the folder representing NULL value. If NULL or an empty string, the default localized name is used.
The ID of the object type to group-by in this view level.
True if the result objects are referred from this view level.
True if the contents of this view level should be created on-demand only.
Specifies whether empty folders are shown.
Specifies whether the matching objects are displayed on this level.
Specifies whether the NULL folder is shown.
Specifies whether the objects with NULL value are displayed on this level.

An extended expression can be used to define the hierarchy levels of a view. One ExpressionEx object defines one level in a virtual folder hierarchy.


 Defining the features of a view hierarchy level in M-Files Desktop.

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