M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
OCRZone Object
The OCRZone class represents a single recognition zone in OCR operation.
Public Methods
Removes zone-specific OCR options from this OCR zone.
Creates a copy of the object.
Sets zone-specific OCR options for this OCR zone.
Public Properties
Specifies whether the zone should be interpreted as a barcode.
Data type for the OCR zone recognition result.
Dimension unit for zone coordinates.
Specifies whether the OCR zone has block-specific OCR options set.
Height of the OCR zone.
User-defined ID of the OCR zone.
Left offset of the OCR zone.
User-defined name of the OCR zone.
Zone-specific OCR options of the OCR zone.
Top offset of the OCR zone.
Width of the OCR zone.


An OCR zone definition as seen in the user interface of the M-Files Server Administrator application.

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