M-Files API 22.6.11519.0
ResetFolderUIStateForSpecialLocation Method
VaultViewOperations Object : ResetFolderUIStateForSpecialLocation Method
True to reset the UI settings to program defaults.
True to reset the UI settings to common defaults defined by an administrator.
Resets the UI settings of a specified folder to program defaults or common defaults.
Visual Basic
Public Function ResetFolderUIStateForSpecialLocation( _
   ByVal ResetToProgramDefaults As Boolean, _
   ByVal ResetToCommonDefaults As Boolean, _
   ByVal LocationType As MFFolderUIStateLocationType _
) As FolderUIState
True to reset the UI settings to program defaults.
True to reset the UI settings to common defaults defined by an administrator.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeClearLocalCacheUISpecial folder that displays the non-document files in the local client cache.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeCollectionMembersUISpecial folder that displays document collection members.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeHistoryUISpecial folder that displays the object history.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeLocalTemporaryItemsContainerContainer of local temporary files/folders.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeObjectFilesContainerObject folder, contains object files.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeObjectsContainerView folder that contains objects only.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypePropertyFoldersContainerView folder that contains property folders.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeRelationshipsUIAllTabSpecial folder that displays all relationships of an object.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeRelationshipsUIFromTabSpecial folder that displays relationships out from the object.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeRelationshipsUIToTabSpecial folder that displays relationships in to the object.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeRootFolderFolder location type that indicates the vault root folder.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeSearchResultsContainerSearch folder.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeSubobjectsUISpecial folder that displays subobjects of an object.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeTraditionalFolderTraditional folder.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeUnknownUnknown folder location type.
MFFolderUIStateLocationTypeViewFoldersContainerView folder that acts as a container for other views.

The method can be targeted to a special view that is not addressable via normal view or folder location path.

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