M-Files UI Extensibility Framework
IDashboard Interface
IDashboard interface can be used from the dashboard's implementation. It enables access to the parent object and the underlying window. Also the access to the custom data that was passed to the dashboard when it was opened is provided.
Public Methods
Shows the default M-Files message box with the specified content and appearance.
Shows a dashboard in popup window.
Public Properties
Defines whether the dashboard should be automatically closed when the parent object is destroyed.
Returns the dashboard object's custom data that was specified when the dashboard was opened.
If this is set to "true", the dashboard accepts drag and drop operations inside M-Files.
Returns the event registering interface of the IDashboard interface.
Indicates whether the dashboard is opened in an own dialog instead of the embedded panes (bottom pane, right pane or listing pane).
Returns the dashboard's parent object.
Specifies if the layout should be right-to-left (e.g., for Hebrew and Arabic).
Returns the logged-in M-Files API Vault object (uses M-Files Client API).
Returns the dashboard's underlying window object.
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