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CreatePersistentBrowserContent Method
IShellUI Interface : CreatePersistentBrowserContent Method
The url of the WWW page.

Parameter object for the session. Supported members:

Creates a browser session that is persisted in ShellUI context. The session can be displayed separately e.g. in a shell pane.
Visual Basic
Public Function CreatePersistentBrowserContent( _
   ByVal url As String, _
   ByVal parameters As Object _
) As Long
The url of the WWW page.

Parameter object for the session. Supported members:

  • persistentid (integer): ID for persisting the size and the visibility of the browser window.
  • defaultsize (integer): The default width or heigth of the browser window.
  • defaultvisibility (boolean): The default visibility of the browser window.
  • processintegritylevel (string): Allows you to define the integrity level of the process (see Windows Integrity Mechanism for more information). The possible values for the "processintegritylevel" parameter are "low" for low integrity level and "medium" for medium integrity level. If the parameter is not set, the integrity level "low" is used.
Return Type
Session handle.

See Using Persistent WWW Sessions in Windows Explorer techical article for more details about the persistent browser content and sessions.

Supported in M-Files 10.0.3911.3 and newer.

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