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Using Persistent WWW Sessions in Windows Explorer
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Persistent side pane is a way to display HTML content in side pane without re-constructing the content for each M-Files view. Normal dashboard content is bound to the hosting window, which is re-created every time the folder changes. This makes it impossible to use 3rd party www-sites with login sessions etc. state that should stay valid as long as the M-Files user session stays present.


The persistent side pane is constructed for IShellUI Object, with CreatePersistentBrowserContent Method. The content session stays valid as long as ShellUI object, or until the persistent side is deliberately destructed (with DestroyPersistentContent Method). The content is identified with session ID. The content does not show up immediately, however the content can be displayed in side pane tab by calling ShowPersistentContent Method of IShellPaneTab Object (see Using Tabs in Shell Frame Side Pane Tabs for details how the create tabs in side pane). Same content can be displayed multiple times, e.g. for each time the folder changes and new ShellFrame is created.

The hosted browser for persistent side pane differs from the browser that is used with dashboards; the browser is more compatible with standard WWW content. It is also more restricted, and 3rd party content can be displayed without need to allow trusted access to the site.


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