RegistryHelper Class

Registry helper class originally taken from the, "MFiles.System" namespace


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Common
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public class RegistryHelper
Object    RegistryHelper



CreateKey Creates a registry key.
DeleteRegKey(UIntPtr, RegistryHelperRegistryAccessFlags, String) Deletes the registry key. The key must not have subkeys.
DeleteRegKey(UIntPtr, RegistryHelperRegSAM, String) Deletes the registry key. The key must not have subkeys.
DeleteRegKeyEx_Wrapper Deletes the registry key. Deals with missing implementation on pre-XP SP2 systems. The key must not have subkeys.
DeleteRegValue Deletes the registry value.
EnumSubkeyByIndex Enumerates a sub-key of the given key specified by index.
EnumSubkeys Enumerates all sub-keys. If key is missing, return empty vector.
GetProcAddress Retrieves the address of an exported function or variable from the specified dynamic-link library (DLL).
IsWow64Process Determines whether the specified process is running under WOW64 or an Intel64 of x64 processor.
OpenKey Tries to open registry key. If the key cannot be found, pbExists receives false.
ReadRegValue(UIntPtr, RegistryHelperRegistryAccessFlags, String, String) Reads RegValue from registry. If the key or value is missing, tells it.
ReadRegValue(UIntPtr, RegistryHelperRegistryAccessFlags, String, String, RegistryHelperRegSAM) Reads RegValue from registry. If the key or value is missing, tells it.
RegCloseKey Closes a handle to the specified registry key.
RegDeleteKey Deletes a subkey and its values. Note that key names are not case sensitive. - 64-bit Windows: On WOW64, 32-bit applications view a registry tree that is separate from the registry tree that 64-bit applications view. To enable an application to delete an entry in the alternate registry view, use the RegDeleteKeyEx function.
RegDeleteKeyEx Deletes a subkey and its values from the specified platform-specific view of the registry. Note that key names are not case sensitive. - To delete a subkey as a transacted operation, call the RegDeleteKeyTransacted function.
RegDeleteValue Removes a named value from the specified registry key. Note that value names are not case sensitive.
WriteRegValue Writes the specified value to the registry.


ADVAPI32_DLL AdvApi32 library name.
ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Error code, file not found.
ERROR_MORE_DATA Error code, more data.
ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS Error code, no more items.
ERROR_SUCCESS Error code, success.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Local machine registry key, the others are in WINREG.H.
KERNEL32_DLL Kernel32 library name.
REG_BINARY Registry type, "binary" value.
REG_DWORD Registry type, "number" value.
REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN Registry type, "big endian" value.
REG_DWORD_LITTLE_ENDIAN Registry type, "little endian" value.
REG_EXPAND_SZ Registry type, "expand string" value.
REG_LINK Registry type, "link" value.
REG_MULTI_SZ Registry type, "multi string" value.
REG_NONE Registry type, "none" value.
REG_SZ Registry type, "string" value.
USER32_DLL User32 library name.

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