ReferenceTrees(Vault, String, PropertyValues, ReferenceTreeTreeMap, ReferenceTreeResolutionType, Boolean) Constructor

Overloaded Constructor.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Common
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public ReferenceTrees(
	Vault vault,
	string objVerStr,
	PropertyValues contextProps,
	ReferenceTreeTreeMap[] treeMaps,
	ReferenceTreeResolutionType type,
	bool hideMissingValues = true


vault  Vault
Permanent Vault
objVerStr  String
ObjVer String of the Context Object
contextProps  PropertyValues
PropertyValues Collection of the Context Object
treeMaps  ReferenceTreeTreeMap
ReferenceTreeTreeMap Array
type  ReferenceTreeResolutionType
ReferenceTreeResolutionType Display Value or Object Reference
hideMissingValues  Boolean  (Optional)
Should hidden values be shown?

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