CommandProvidersGetMFilesNotificationContext Method

The placeholder commands available when defining an M-Files notification.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Placeholders
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public static CommandProviders GetMFilesNotificationContext(
	TypedValue rulename = null,
	TypedValue causedBy = null,
	TypedValue causedByAccount = null,
	TypedValue rolledBacktoVersion = null,
	TypedValue timestamp = null


rulename  TypedValue  (Optional)
The name of the notification rule.
causedBy  TypedValue  (Optional)
The name of the user who caused the event.
causedByAccount  TypedValue  (Optional)
The account name for the user who caused the event.
rolledBacktoVersion  TypedValue  (Optional)
The version that the object was rolled back to.
timestamp  TypedValue  (Optional)
The time when the event occurred.

Return Value

Notification related command providers.

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