TaskProcessorBaseTSettingsBroadcastVaultExtensionMethodCall(String, Int32, Vault, VaultServerAttachments, ListString) Method

Creates a broadcast message so all servers => receive the VEM call.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.MultiserverMode
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public static void BroadcastVaultExtensionMethodCall(
	string queueId,
	int currentUserId,
	Vault vault,
	VaultServerAttachments attachments,
	List<string> inputParams


queueId  String
Target task queue id.
currentUserId  Int32
CurrentUser ID
vault  Vault
Vault connection.
attachments  VaultServerAttachments
Vault server attachments.
inputParams  ListString
Input param's from the environment.

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