ExtensionMethodAdminConfigurationManager Constructor



Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Configuration.AdminConfigurations
Assembly: MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 23.12.13247.3
public ExtensionMethodAdminConfigurationManager(
	Vault vault,
	string registrationNamespace,
	string rootNamespace,
	string extensionMethod


vault  Vault
The vault for which the configurations are being managed.
registrationNamespace  String
The namespace where the root nodes are registered. Should be one of the values specified in ConfigurationDomainDefaultNamespaces. Leave empty or null to skip registration / unregistration.
rootNamespace  String
The base namespace to prepend to fully qualified node references. Can be null or empty, but helps prevent domain id collisions in MFAdmin.
extensionMethod  String
The extension method MFAdmin will use to make requests to this manager. Cannot be null.

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