MFiles.VAF.Configuration.AdminConfigurations Namespace



AdminConfigurationManagerBase Base implementation of best practices for managing ConfigurationDomains and interacting with MFAdmin's configurator. This base implementation can register/unregister root nodes at a given configuration extension point, corresponding to one of the ConfigurationDomainDefaultNamespaces. Implementations of this class are responsible for: - Creating and resolving references for nodes anywhere in the hierarchy so base methods know how to refer to nodes, and can resolve them easily using ResolveNodeReference(IConfigurationRequestContext, String) and GetNodeReference(DomainNodeLocation)). - Generating the correct SourceDefinitions and MethodSourceDefinitions for MFAdmin to communicate back with the M-Files server using CreateSourceDefinition(DomainNodeLocation, BuiltInDomainCommand, String), CreateReadWriteConfigurationSourceDefinition(DomainNodeLocation), and CreateCommandMethodSource(DomainNodeLocation, String). - Ensuring requests from MFAdmin are received and routed back to this manager's ExecuteBuiltInCommand(IConfigurationRequestContext, DomainNodeLocation, BuiltInDomainCommand, String) and ExecuteCustomCommand(IConfigurationRequestContext, DomainNodeLocation, String, String) methods as appropriate.
ClientOperations Provides a simple interface for updating the MFAdmin configuration interface. Instances of this class are created by AdminConfigurationManagerBase for node requests that can return proper responses. The appropriate node methods or custom command methods are then passed the instance so the MFAdmin interface can be informed of any changes made on the server. Each client operation method generates one or more directives that are then passed back to MFAdmin at the end of the request.
CommandLocationListExtensionMethods Helper methods for generating ListTs of ICommandLocations for use in CustomDomainCommands .
ConfigurationDomainNode Represents a configuration domain node within the MFAdmin configurator. This abstract base class makes it easier to implement IConfigurationDomainNode in classes that can inherit from it, as only the methods corresponding to supported capabilities need to be defined.
ConfigurationDomainNodeExtensionMethods Provide common helper methods for the IConfigurationDomainNode interface, so that implementations don't need to introduce them.
CustomDomainCommand Defines a custom command for an IConfigurationDomainNode. AdminConfigurationManagerBase implementations will convert these to ConfigurationDomainCommands and ensure applicable MFAdmin requests will be delegated back to the Execute callback.
DefaultConfigurationRequestContextEx Default request context implementation.
DomainNodeLocation Wraps an IConfigurationDomainNode with information about it's location. Primarily used by AdminConfigurationManagerBase and it's implementations to generate a node reference.
DomainNodeNotFoundException Exception triggered when a domain node cannot be resolved from a node reference.
ExtensionMethodAdminConfigurationManager Manages the setting up the communication between M-Files Admin and the Dashboard Nodes using a common vault extension method approach.
MenuIcon List of available icons to use in context menu locations. Corresponds to jqueryui's icons. Many jqueryui icons are not listed as they are not considered practical in a context menu location.


IConfigurationDomainNode Represents a configuration domain node within the MFAdmin configurator that can be managed by an AdminConfigurationManagerBase implementation. The GetCapabilities method is used to tell the manager which features a node supports and directly corresponds to which methods it can call. Most methods therefore do not need any real implementations. For example, Validate(IConfigurationRequestContext, String) can simply throw a NotSupportedException unless GetCapabilities returns the Validation flag. Conversely though, even if a proper implementation is provided, it will not be used unless the corresponding flag is returned from GetCapabilities. The following methods must have real implementations: - GetID - GetName(IConfigurationRequestContext) - GetDescription(IConfigurationRequestContext) - GetSortPriority(IConfigurationRequestContext) - GetCapabilities
IConfigurationRequestContext The context of an MFAdmin Configurator request.
IConfigurationRequestContextEx The extended context of an MFAdmin Configurator request.


BuiltInDomainCommand List of built-in domain commands. Not all commands are supported by all domains.