MetadataStructureValidatorIsValid(Vault, IConfiguration, MFUserGroupAttribute, Object, Object, ValidationResultBase) Method

Check the validity of reference in the vault.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Configuration
Assembly: MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 23.12.13247.3
protected virtual bool IsValid(
	Vault vault,
	IConfiguration configuration,
	MFUserGroupAttribute attribute,
	Object reference,
	Object parent,
	ValidationResultBase validationResult


vault  Vault
Vault in which to check.
configuration  IConfiguration
The configuration that is being validated.
attribute  MFUserGroupAttribute
The attribute that contains the validation rules.
reference  Object
Reference to object to validate.
parent  Object
Parent of the object reference. Can be null.
validationResult  ValidationResultBase
The validation state that receives the validation results.

Return Value

Returns true if the validation succeeded.

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