MFiles.VAF.Configuration Namespace



ConfigurationStorageInVault The default implementation of the configuration storage.
ConfigurationStorageInVaultValidatingContractResolver Class to extend the default contract resolver, for performing the value validations while the configuration data is being deserialized.
ConfigurationStorageInVaultValidatingValueProvider A class to wrap a serialization value provider and to perform a validation for deserialized value.
DateTimeExtensions Extension methods for DateTime handling.
DynamicPropertyValueSetter Property value resolution class, used for static and dynamic value resolution.
EnumOption JsonConfigurationEditor Enum option wrapper class.
GroupLenLimit Group alias/lenght structure.
JsonConfEditorAttribute Defines extra information for type and member declarations for use in the json configuration editor.
JsonConfFlagConverter Serializes / Deserializes a flags based enum type between the flag value and a json object with a boolean property for each flag (true if the flags is set).
JsonConfFloatEditorAttribute Controls how a float-compatible will be displayed and edited in the JSON Configuration GUI.
JsonConfIntegerEditorAttribute Controls how an integer-compatible item will be displayed and edited in the JSON Configuration GUI.
JsonConfSearchConditionsJAEditorAttribute Controls how search conditions are displayed and edited in the JSON Configuration GUI.
LicenseContentBase License Content object with common set of members. Includes validation checks for them.
LicenseDecoder Default license decoder that uses the default formatting provided by LicenseHelper. Support the few available encoding methods.
MetadataStructureValidator Validation of Vault.
MetadataStructureValidatorReferenceEqualityComparer Comparer object for comparing object references.
MetadataStructureValidatorTemporaryConfiguration A dummy class for enabling the ValidateItem call with just the configuration id string.
MFAssociatedPropertyAttribute Associated Property Definition.
MFClassAttribute Class object.
MFClassGroupAttribute ClassGroup object.
MFDeprecatedAttribute Attribute that specifies if a configuration key is deprecated.
MFIdentifier Identification object type, that can be set to string and int. Implicit conversion to integer, explicit to alias string.
MFIdentifierFormatConstants Format and regex strings used by MFIdentifier.
MFIdentifierJsonConverter JSON converter for MFIdentifier for serialization purposes.
MFNamedACLAttribute Named Access Control List.
MFObjectAttribute M-Files Object.
MFObjTypeAttribute Object Type.
MFPropertyDefAttribute Property Definition.
MFPropertyDefReferenceAttribute PropertyDef structure element reference specific attribute class.
MFSkipAttribute Attribute noting that this object should not be traversed while validation. As Validation reads the value of object, this might cause problems in some cases, and this Attribute can be used to "fix" problem easily.
MFStateAttribute Workflow State.
MFStateTransitionAttribute Workflow State Transition.
MFStructureReferenceAttribute Structure element reference specific attribute class.
MFSubstructureReferenceAttribute Substructure (IE: Workflow => State / State Transition || ObjType => Class ) element reference.
MFUserGroupAttribute UserGroup object.
MFValueListAttribute ValueList.
MFValueListItemAttribute ValueList Item.
MFViewAttribute View object.
MFWorkflowAttribute Workflow.
MultilineTextEditorAttribute JsonConEditor - Multi-line Text Editor Options Attribute.
PreviewableTextEditorAttribute Attribute used on a Class Model or a Property ( of a complex object ) to specify how to generate a preview text string, to be applied to the previewable text editor in the JsonConfEditor.
PropertyValueSetter Property value resolution class, used for static value resolution.
ResourceMarker Static helper values and methods for working with resources associated with the SchemaGenerator.
SecureConfigurationManagerTConfig Manages the loading and saving of configurations while enforcing permission checks, and redacting/restoring sensitive settings when displaying/saving them.
SecurityAttribute Define the security information about the configuration property.
SecuritySettingsTConfig Class for handling the SecurityAttribute settings in the configuration. - Prevents saving the configuration from a user without correct permissions. - Hides password value from the shown configuration.
TermOptionsEditorAttribute JsonConEditor - Term Options Editor Attribute.
TextEditorAttribute JsonConEditor - Text Editor Options Attribute.
TranslatableContent A class representing a collection of translated texts.
TranslatableContentJsonConverter Json converter for the TranslatableContent class.
TranslatableValue Class representing a single translated text value.
TypedValueSetter Property value resolution class, used for static and dynamic value resolution.
ValidationFinding Represents a finding found during validation.
ValidationInterruptedException Exception that marks that the validation of an class hierarchy has been interrupted. This shouldn't be handled as an error.
ValidationResultBase Base class for validation and upgrade-related activity. Receives the notifications from vault metadata element existence.
ValidationResultForUpgrade Class interface for handling validation errors. Either by throwing an error or fixing the error.
ValidationResultForValidation Class interface for handling validation errors. Either by throwing an error or fixing the error.
ValidationResultForValidationDetailItem Detail item info.
ValidationResultForValidationResults Result object with summary and details.
ValidationResultForValidationSummaryModule Summary data object for each Configuration.
ValueOptionsAttribute Decorate properties that will be exposed to the MFAdmin's JSON configuration editor with the options editor to control which options are available for it.
ValueSetterAttribute [Typed|Property] Value Setter allows for specifying additional Property Setter Options.
VaultElementReferenceAttribute Base interface of validation attributes.


ValidationResultForUpgradeMetadataItemParams Data content for validated/requested metadata items.


IApplicationLicenseContent Interface for the application license content class utilized by the LicenseManagerBase.
IConfiguration Base interface all instantiable configuration objects.
IConfigurationValidityMask Interface for the configuration validity mask. The mask indicates if a configuration value has been set or validated.
IJsonConfEditorAttr Common Interface for classes that allow the JsonSchemaGenerator to pull option values, Note: This is not yet the Type filtered by in the SchemaGenerator. Meaning that simply implementing this interface and decorating a Configuration class member will not result in the value showing up in the options. For now, you need to extend the JsonConfEditorAttribute class, although this may be broadened in scope in the future to use this interface.
ILicensedApplication Licensing interface for required from all license-enabled applications. Methods for setting the license and getting the statuses.
ILicenseDecoder Interface for the license decoder object utilized by the LicenseManagerBase to convert raw license into readable.
ILicensingSupportLicenseType Licensing interface for base implementation.
IMetadataStructureValidator The validator interface for checking if the metadata structure reference of given object is valid.
ISchemaMemberControlAttribute Interface for controlling the schema generators behavior for specific members.


ConfigurationStorageInVaultConfigurationIDCombiningMode Mode that is used when specifying how the configuration ID is formed.
LicenseDecoderEncMode Our mode.
MFAssociatedPropertyAttributeRequiredState Tri-state value of the associations ValueRequired
MFIdentifierSetAsType Types of values set into MFIdentifier.
MFStructureReferenceAttributeMFStructureReferenceType Reference types for a given Structure Element Reference.
SecurityAttributeUserLevel User level enumeration.
TypedValueSettingMode Mode used to set the value of a property.
ValidationFindingType Types of Validation findings.