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ConfigurationMenuCommandLocation Properties

The ConfigurationMenuCommandLocation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContainer
Indicates the container in which the command is shown.
(Overrides AbstractMenuCommandLocationContainer.)
Public propertyIcon
The name of the icon that will be shown next to the menu item.
(Inherited from AbstractMenuCommandLocation.)
Public propertyNoSeparatorAfter
Prevents any line separators from being drawn after this item. Set to true when defining a menu item that should come before the first item in a section; in this case SeparatorBefore should also be set to true.
(Inherited from AbstractMenuCommandLocation.)
Public propertyPriority
Determines the command button's location inside the menu.
(Inherited from AbstractMenuCommandLocation.)
Public propertySeparatorBefore
Starts a new context menu section by drawing a line separator before this command's menu item.
(Inherited from AbstractMenuCommandLocation.)
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