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LicenseContentBase Properties

The LicenseContentBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplication
Identification of the application (GUID).
Public propertyConcurrentUsers
Number of Concurrent user licenses allowed in Server license.
Public propertyDescription
Description of the application/license.
Public propertyErrors
List of our errors.
Public propertyFormatError
Had we format error from deserializing or smth.
Public propertyGraceDays
Number of days to consider grace period after the expiracy. Unset/zero value to not use any grace.
Public propertyGroups
List of user group max-length requirements.
Public propertyInfos
List of our infos.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Are we empty.
Public propertyIsEvaluated
Is our instance evaluated.
Public propertyIsTrial
Is this a trial license.
Public propertyIsValid
Overall validity value. This is not read from license directly.
Public propertyLicensedTo
Licensee name.
Public propertyLicenseExpireDate
Last date of license validity. "" (date,month,year) format.
Public propertyLicenseStatus
The contents license status.
Public propertyLicenseVersion
Version of this license format. Usefull after version difference becomes relevant.
Public propertyMaintenanceExpireDate
Last date of Maintenance subscription validity. "" (date,month,year) format.
Public propertyMFilesSerialNumber
Only work in server with this license number.
Public propertyModules
List of modules covered in this license. Usefull for ModularVaultApplication.
Public propertyNamedUsers
Number of Named user licenses allowed in Server license.
Public propertyReadOnlyUsers
Number of Readonly user licenses allowed in Server license.
Public propertySerialNumber
Serial number of the license.
Public propertyServerVersions
Exclusive list of allowed server versions.
Public propertyVaults
Identification of the vaults this license is only allowed in.
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