PlaceholderTemplate Class

Represents text that may contain placeholders.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Placeholders
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public class PlaceholderTemplate : PlaceholderTemplateNode
Object    PlaceholderTemplateNode    PlaceholderTemplate


PlaceholderTemplate Constructor.


ChildCount The number of child nodes this node has.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)
Children This node's child nodes.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)
IsLeaf True if this node cannot contain children.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)
Parent This node's parent node.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeParent)
Root The placeholder template in which this node resides.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeRoot)
Settings The settings which control how a placeholder template is parsed and expanded.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeSettings)
Text The raw text representation of this node.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeText)
Type The type of node this object represents.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeType)
ValidChildTypes The type of child nodes this node can contain.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeValidChildTypes)
Vault The vault for which the placeholder document is defined/intended.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeVault)


AppendChild Appends a child node to this node's children.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)
Expand(IExpansionContext, ObjVerExReadCache) Expands this node in the given context.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeExpand(IExpansionContext, ObjVerExReadCache))
Expand(ObjVerEx, ObjVerExReadCache) Expands this node in the given context.
GetResolvedStructureReferences Finds any resolved structure references in this node or it's children.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)
Validate Validates the node and it's child nodes returning all issues found throughout. Returns static parse based issues, not expansion issues.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)


children This node's child nodes.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode)

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