TaskQueueManager Class

Application Task Queue Manager. Manages task assignment and processing via the VaultApplicationTaskOperations interface.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Common.ApplicationTaskQueue
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public class TaskQueueManager
Object    TaskQueueManager


TaskQueueManager Self initializing task queue manager constructor.


DelayMsAfterTransactionalBroadcastTaskCreation The time is milliseconds that is delayed before triggering a new polling cycle, following the creation of an application task that will be used to create a broadcast message (when created using a transactional vault reference).
ManagerTokenSource Cancellation token source for the manager itself. - Requesting a cancellation will cause all queues and all their respective tasks to be cancelled as well.
PersistentVault Persistent Vault object.
PollingEnabledLock Lock used to prevent changes to the polling enabled flag while it is locked.
PollingIntervalInSeconds The current and active polling interval in seconds.
TransactionalBroadcastCreationQueue When defined and a transactional vault is passed into the creation call of a broadcast message, an ApplicationTask will be created that will be used to create the broadcast message. This ensures that the broadcast message will never be created if the current transaction fails.
TransactionalBroadcastProcessor Processes the broadcast creation tasks when transactional broadcast creation is enabled.


AddScheduledTask En-queues the scheduled task into the Multi-Server Mode, AsyncTaskQueue.
AddTask En-queues the task into the Multi-Server Mode, AsyncTaskQueue.
DetachTaskQueue Detaches a task queue wrapper from task delegation by this task queue manager instance. - Does not modify the task queue in the server. - Un-registers the TaskQueue object and its associated handlers inside the task queue manager.
Dispose IDisposable implementation.
EnableTaskPolling Enables or disables the task queue polling. By default the polling is enabled and starts when the first queue gets opened.
GetBroadcastTasks Resolves a collection of broadcast messages, wrapped as a List{ApplicationTask}.
GetLatestBroadcastMessageIdentifier Resolves the latest broadcast id for the passed queue identifier.
GetLatestBroadcastMessageIdentifiers Resolves the latest broadcast ids for the passed queue identifiers.
GetNewBroadcastMessages Gets new broadcast messages from the server.
GetTaskInfoTasks Resolves a collection of application task info's, wrapped as a List{ApplicationTask}.
OnPollingTimeElapsed Polling timer handler.
OpenTaskQueue Registers a task queue wrapper and opens the task queue in the server. - Opens the task queue in the server. - Registers the TaskQueue object and its associated handlers inside the task queue manager.
PollTasks Polls the server and reserves tasks for processing as well as gets new broadcast messages.
ReserveTasksForProcessing Reserve tasks for processing from the server.
SendBroadcastMessage Sends a broadcast message to the passed task queue.
TransactionalBroadcastJobProcessor Processes the app task to create a broadcast message.
TriggerPolling Triggers polling right away (when enabled).
UpdateTask Updates the state and progress values for a task in the server.
WaitAll Waits for all Tasks that are still Running to complete.
WaitAll(TimeSpan) Waits for all Tasks that are still Running to complete.


DefaultPollingInterval Default polling interval in seconds.
taskQueues The task queues being managed by this class.

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