MFiles.VAF.Common.ApplicationTaskQueue Namespace



ApplicationTask Multi-type ( application task || broadcast message ) interface wrapper.
ApplicationTaskExtensions Extension methods added to the M-Files API Interfaces; ApplicationTaskInfo and ApplicationBroadcastMessage.
TaskQueueAdministrator Administrative Task Queue class. Provides the ability destroy existing task queues as well as search for task queues / tasks within the queues.
TaskQueueManager Application Task Queue Manager. Manages task assignment and processing via the VaultApplicationTaskOperations interface.
TaskQueueManagerTaskQueue Application task queue.


TaskQueueManagerActiveTask Actively processing task / cancellation token source wrapper.


IApplicationTaskProcessor Active task processor interface used to process application tasks for an application task queue.
IUsesTaskQueue Common interface shared across vault apps or modules that must register a task queue for operation. This is called during VaultApplication.StartApplication().


TaskQueueAdministratorTaskFilter Delegate type used to filter tasks in a where clause.


TaskQueueManagerTaskType Specifies the type of tasks that can be processed by a task queue.