MFiles.VAF.Configuration.Domain.Dashboards Namespace



AvailabilityGroupStatusList Multi-server mode availability status dashboard list.
DashboardCommand Represents a "clickable" command in the dashboard.
DashboardContentCollection Combines multiple pieces of dashboard content into a single piece of content.
DashboardCustomContent Simple IDashboardContent implementation for defining or generating custom xml or html content.
DashboardDomainCommand Represents a dashboard command that triggers a domain command.
DashboardFormatProvider Formats strings as dashboard content (html). Arguments are converted to strings (like normal) and are then html escaped, unless they are HtmlStrings, IDashboardContents, or their format starts with an exclamation point (!).
DashboardFragment Contains one or more IDashboardContent items without a parent container.
DashboardHelper Dashboard creation helpers for the configurator.
DashboardHelperCustomAttributes Custom html tag attributes understood by the configurator.
DashboardLink Creates a link (anchor element) for a dashboard.
DashboardList Represents a top-level listing in a dashboard.
DashboardListItem Represents a list item shown in a DashboardList.
DashboardPanel Represents a simple panel in a StatusDashboard.
DashboardText Converts plain text to html content by splitting the text into paragraphs by newline characters.
HtmlString Implementation of HtmlString with an extra constructor for handling FormattableString which is defined using C# string interpolation with the custom DashboardFormatProvider.
SelectTreeNodeCommand Represents a dashboard command that navigates to another tree node in the configurator's navigation pane.
StatusDashboard Represents a ConfigurationDomain's status dashboard. Combines various pieces of content and generates a well formed html element containing it.
StatusDashboardContentExtensionMethods Contains helper extension methods for generating dashboard content.
StatusStub Creates a html structure representing a StatusSummary. Rendering the label and/or status icon if defined, and also showing the description as a tooltip if available.


VaultApplicationHealthReport Holds the health status of a Vault Application.


IDashboardContent Interface for objects that define dashboard content.


HtmlContentGenerator Custom HTML content generator.
XmlContentGenerator Custom XML content generator.


DashboardCommandStyle The ways in which a dashboard command can be rendered.
IconSize Defines sizes for configuration dashboard icons.
PanelBackground Panel Background.