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Placeholder Properties

The Placeholder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAcceptsContextTypes
The expansion context the placeholder accepts. (The types accepted by the first level.)
Public propertyChildCount
The number of child nodes this node has.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyChildren
This node's child nodes.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyContextType
The data type this placeholder emits during expansion. (The type emitted by the final level.)
Public propertyIsLeaf
True if this node cannot contain children.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateNode.)
Public propertyLevels
The placeholder's children cast as levels.
Public propertyParent
This node's parent node.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateElement.)
Public propertyRoot
The placeholder template in which this node resides.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateElement.)
Public propertySettings
The settings which control how a placeholders are parsed and expanded.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateElement.)
Public propertyText
The full text representation of the placeholder.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeText.)
Public propertyType
The type of node this object represents.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeType.)
Public propertyValidChildTypes
The type of child nodes this node can contain.
(Overrides PlaceholderTemplateNodeValidChildTypes.)
Public propertyVault
The vault for which the placeholder document is defined/intended.
(Inherited from PlaceholderTemplateElement.)
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