ScriptResult Class

Represents the results of a Compliance Kit handler execution.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF
Assembly: MFiles.VAF (in MFiles.VAF.dll) Version: 24.1.706.1
public class ScriptResult
Object    ScriptResult


ScriptResult Parameter-less constructor required for COM Interop.


AllowAutomaticStateTransition An output value that tells whether the automatic state transition is allowed.
ConditionsOK True if the state pre- or post conditions are met.
Error Indicates whether an error has occurred.
ErrorMessage Provides an error message if an error has occurred.
Exception The last exception to occur (if any).
Message Message that is passed to the scripting engine for MFScriptCancel.
NextStateID If automatic state transition is allowed then this output value contains the ID of the next state.
ScriptCancelled True if the execution of the script was cancelled.
ValidationOK True if the property validation was successful.
VaultExtensionMethodOutput Any output value that was set during the event.

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