M-Files API 23.11.13135.0
AddScheduledJob Method
VaultScheduledJobManagementOperations Object : AddScheduledJob Method
The scheduled job to be added.
Add the specified scheduled job to the vault.
Visual Basic
Public Function AddScheduledJob( _
   ByVal ScheduledJob As ScheduledJob _
) As Long
The scheduled job to be added.

This method is available only if M-Files API is used in the server interface mode.

If the targeted scheduled task is an ExportContentJob or an ImportContentJob and if replication via cloud is enabled (see SetReplicationViaCloud for export jobs and SetReplicationViaCloud for import jobs), the "UseMultipleContentPackages" flag via the "Flags" property must be enabled as well (see Flags for export jobs and for Flags import jobs, and eventually MFExportContentFlag and MFImportContentFlag, respectively).

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