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The BuiltinCommand enumeration contains all the ids of the builtin commands that can be hidden, shown, disabled or enabled from the menus. This enumeration is used in conjunction with the SetCommandState method.

MFiles.BuiltinCommand.CheckOut10Checkout the active selection.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.CheckIn11Checkin the active selection.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.UndoCheckOut13Undo the checkout for the selected object.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.ConvertToSFD31Converts the selection into single-file document.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.ConvertToMFD32Converts the selection into multi-file document. This commands works for only one selected object.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.ReplaceWithFile33Triggers the file selection dialog for the currenly selected object and replaces that file with the selected file.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.Delete76Delete the current selected object. Shows a modal dialog for confirmation.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.NewObject87Creates a new Object.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.RollBack89Rollback command. The rollbacked object is either command argument provided as ObjVer or the current selection in the Listing View.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.CheckOutForCoauthoring129Checks out the object for co-authoring.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.ViewInMFDesktop174Open the selected file in the desktop application.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.DownloadFile175Downloads the selected file.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.OpenFile176Open the selected file.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.AddPersonalTab180Add personal tab and send request to server to store related information.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.RemovePersonalTab181Remove personal tab and send request to server to store related information.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.RemoveFromThisView182Remove object from recent tab and send request to server to update related information.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.OpenInDesktopApp183Open file in Native Desktop application using web Companion.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.OpenInBrowser184Opens the currently selected object via online office editor.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.Follow185Starts following the specified object. While the object is being followed, the current user will be notified if the object changes.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.Unfollow186Stop following the specified object.
MFiles.BuiltinCommand.LaunchDefaultApp187Open the file in associated application in desktop environment (DesktopNext).