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Getting Started

Welcome to the documentation on the User Interface Extensibility Framework 2.0 ("UIXv2"). This framework allows developers to build client-side applications which can extend the M-Files client interface in supported clients.

UIXv2 applications are written using JavaScript and are supported in the M-Files Web interface. Later this year we will also publish TypeScript definitions and templates to support more modern development approaches.The older UIX framework (version 1) is available for applications that target the M-Files Classic Web and Desktop clients.

How do I use this documentation?

This documentation is split into 6 main sections:

  • Getting Started: (this page) describes how to get started with the documentation, what each section contains, and how to navigate between pages.
  • Overview: describes the core application structure and concepts needed to build UI applications.
  • Samples: contains code samples that will help you get up and running quickly.
  • Upgrading from UIXv1: contains information useful if you already have UIX applications that you are looking to upgrade.
  • API Reference Guide: contains a class reference for the various UIX structures, including details on events and methods that may be useful when building applications.
  • Vault API Reference Guide: contains a class reference for the M-Files gRPC API structures, including properties and methods that can be used to interact with the vault.

You can navigate through the structure of the documentation using the tree structure on the left. On smaller screens you may need to press the "menu" item at the top-left to see the tree structure.

On the bottom of each page are navigational links that allow you to jump to the next and previous page. The pages are designed to be in a logical order, guiding you through the basics of the application structure through to more complex concepts.

Longer pages also show an in-page navigation listing on the right of the page, which can be used to jump between major sections in the page. On smaller screens this navigation is shown at the top of the page as a drop-down menu.

How to start

When writing your first UI Extension it is good to first learn the basics of the UI Extension Application Structure. The Overview chapter gives broad understanding of what is possible with the UIX framework.

To start with more hands-on way, see the Sample Applications for code examples. Please refer to Installing Applications on how to install UI Extensions into your M-Files environment.

For testing and developing see the chapter Testing and Developing UI Extension Applications.