AdminConfigurationManagerBase Class

Base implementation of best practices for managing ConfigurationDomains and interacting with MFAdmin's configurator. This base implementation can register/unregister root nodes at a given configuration extension point, corresponding to one of the ConfigurationDomainDefaultNamespaces. Implementations of this class are responsible for: - Creating and resolving references for nodes anywhere in the hierarchy so base methods know how to refer to nodes, and can resolve them easily using ResolveNodeReference(IConfigurationRequestContext, String) and GetNodeReference(DomainNodeLocation)). - Generating the correct SourceDefinitions and MethodSourceDefinitions for MFAdmin to communicate back with the M-Files server using CreateSourceDefinition(DomainNodeLocation, BuiltInDomainCommand, String), CreateReadWriteConfigurationSourceDefinition(DomainNodeLocation), and CreateCommandMethodSource(DomainNodeLocation, String). - Ensuring requests from MFAdmin are received and routed back to this manager's ExecuteBuiltInCommand(IConfigurationRequestContext, DomainNodeLocation, BuiltInDomainCommand, String) and ExecuteCustomCommand(IConfigurationRequestContext, DomainNodeLocation, String, String) methods as appropriate.


Namespace: MFiles.VAF.Configuration.AdminConfigurations
Assembly: MFiles.VAF.Configuration (in MFiles.VAF.Configuration.dll) Version: 23.12.13247.3
public abstract class AdminConfigurationManagerBase
Object    AdminConfigurationManagerBase



RegisteredRootNodes List of nodes that have been registered through this admin configuration manager.
RegistrationNamespace The namespace where the root nodes are registered. Should be one of the values specified in ConfigurationDomainDefaultNamespaces.
RootNodes Currently registered root nodes.
RootParentId The id of the domain to which root nodes are anchored. Depends on where the root nodes are registered.
Vault The vault for which the configurations are being managed.


AddRootNode Registers the root node and all of its subnodes to M-Files Admin.
CreateCommandDefinition Converts a CustomDomainCommand into a serializable ConfigurationDomainCommand understood by MFAdmin.
CreateCommandMethodSource Creates a method source MFAdmin can use to trigger a custom command.
CreateDomainDefinition Converts a IConfigurationDomainNode into a serializable ConfigurationDomain understood by MFAdmin.
CreateReadWriteConfigurationSourceDefinition Creates a read-write source definition that MFAdmin can use to read and write a node's configuration.
CreateSourceDefinition Creates a standard read-only source definition that MFAdmin can use to request specific information from the server.
Dispose Disposes of the manager and unregistered all domains that has been registered by it.
ExecuteBuiltInCommand Executes a built-in node command.
ExecuteCustomCommand Executes a custom node command.
GetCommands Delegates the GetCommands command to the node.
GetConfiguration Delegates the GetConfiguration command to the node.
GetDashboard Delegates the GetDashboard command to the node.
GetNodeReference Gets a reference for a node that can be used in a directive. Typically this is the node id, or some form of path or both.
GetSchema Delegates the GetSchema command to the node.
GetStatus Delegates the GetStatus command to the node.
GetSubDomains Delegates the GetSubDomains command to the node.
ProcessRequest(IConfigurationRequestContext, DomainNodeLocation, String, String) Executes a command for a node and returns the serialized results.
ProcessRequest(IConfigurationRequestContext, String, String, String) Executes a command for a node and returns the serialized results.
ResolveNodeReference Resolves a node and its location from a reference.
SaveConfiguration Delegates the SaveConfiguration command to the node.
UnRegisterRootNode Removes the registration of the given domain.
Validate Delegates the Validate command to the node.

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