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AddObjectFileAdds new document file to a document.
AddObjectWithFilesAdds a new object with files.
ChangeSecurityChanges the security settings of an object.
CheckInMultipleChecks in one or more objects.
CheckOutMultipleChecks out one or more objects.
DestroyObjectsDestroys objects.
FollowObjectStarts or stops following the specified object. While the object is being followed, the current user will be notified if the object changes.
GetAutomaticMetadataFetches automatic metadata.
GetDocEventSubscriptionsGets the event subscriptions of a document (for the current user).
GetObjectDataOfMultipleObjectsGets requested information about the specified objects.
GetObjIDByGUIDGets the Object ID of the object that is identified by the specified Object GUID.
GetTemplatesGets the templates. Note: In the template object the icon and additional classes property are passed as null / empty value for now. This will be handled in future.
GetWorkflowsForClientGets all the workflows in a format suitable for client.
GetWorkflowStatesAndTransitionsGets the states and transitions of the given workflow.
PromoteUnmanagedObjectPromote unmanaged objects to managed.
RemoveObjectFileRemoves a file from a document.
RemoveObjectsRemoves objects i.e. marks them deleted.
RenameObjectFileRenames a document file.
SetObjectLevelPropertySets an object-level property.
SetPropertiesMultipleIf the object is currently checked in, a new checked-in version is created.
If the object is currently checked out, the changes are applied to the checked-out version.
UndoCheckoutMultipleUndoes the checkout of one or more objects.