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AccessControlSubjectTypeIndirect property ID level type enumeration.
ACLEnforcingModeACL enforcing modes.
AuthTypeAuthType enumeration.
AutomaticValueTypeTypes of automatic values.
CallImportanceUsed by MFServer to distinguish between incoming calls of different importance levels. For example, less important calls may be rejected if the server is busy.
ConditionTypeCondition types enumeration.
ContentTypeContent types (sub-datatypes).
DataFunctionFunctions that operate on a property value, for example.
DatatypeDatatype enumeration.
EventTypeEvent type enumeration.
ExpressionTypeExpression types.
ExtDBRefreshTypeExternal database refresh type enumeration.
ExtIDStatusExtID status enumeration.
FileIDTypeFile id type.
FileSizePrecisionEnumeration for specifying the file size precision settings.
FileValueTypeEnumeration for different conditions regarding file information.
FileVerTypeFile version type.
FolderListingAlgorithmFolder listing algorithm. Used to optimize property folder listings on intermediate view levels.
FolderTypeFolder type enumeration.
FormattingTypeFormatting types.
IndirectPropertyIDLevelTypeIndirect property ID level type enumeration.
NACLTypeEach named ACL is always of exactly one type, e.g., eNACLTypeNormal or eNACLTypeInternal. We specify these types as bitfields because multiple types are combined (bitwise ORed) for searching purposes. For example, see the MF_GetNamedACLs RPC method for more details.
NamedValueTypeEnumeration of possible named value types.
ObjectVersionDataRequestErrorToleranceError tolerance enumeration for object version data request.
ObjectVersionDataRequestIdentityTypeIdentity type enumeration for object version data request. Specifices how objects with changed identities are handled.
ObjFileSourceTypeObject file source type enumeration.
ObjVerVersionTypeIndirect property ID level type enumeration.
ParentChildBehaviorParent-child behavior enumeration (affects searching and view levels).
PermissionsExpressionTypePermission expression types.
PseudoUserResolutionModePseudo-user resolution mode enumeration. NOTE: These values must equal those defined in ACLHelper\ACEConstants.h
RelationshipDirectionRelationships direction enumeration.
SearchModeSearch mode enumeration.
StatusTypeEnumeration for different conditions to status information.
UpdateTypeUpdate type enumeration.
ValidationTypeValidation types.
ViewTypeView type enumeration.
VLSortingTypeValue list sorting types.