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AccessControlEntryAccess control subject.
AccessControlListAccess control list.
AccessControlListComponentAccess control list component.
AccessControlListComponentKeyEach automatic access control list component originates from a property value of the object. Only value list based property values may introduce access control list components. These components are identified by the value list item that is the source of the component and the property definition in which the value list item is set.
AccessControlListComponentMapEntryAccess control list component container.
AccessControlSubjectAccess control subject.
AccessControlSubjectUnionUnion for ACL subject data depending on the subject type.
ACTIONFLAGSAction flags (bitfields).
AssociatedPropertyDefA PropertyDef that is associated with a class.
AutomaticMetadataRequestThe definition of an automatic value.
AutomaticMetadataResultThe definition of an automatic value.
AutomaticPermissionsA struct that describes the automatic permissions for objects specification of a value list item or an object.
BytesWrapped string.
ClassGroupStruct for a document class group in a vault.
ClassPermissionsForClientEvaluated permissions for current user.
DataFunctionCallExpression that can be evaluated for any document.
DataFunctionUnionUnion of data functions of different type.
ErrorInfoStruct for an error information details.
EventSubscriptionStruct for a single event subscription.
ExpressionExpression that can be evaluated for any object.
EXPRESSIONEXFLAGSExtended expression flags.
ExpressionUnionUnion of expressions of different type.
ExternalRepositoryIDItem ID in external repository.
ExternalViewExternal view.
ExtObjectInfoExtended object info, typically used as an OUT parameter in RPC methods.
FileDocument file.
FileIDDocument file.
FileVerDocument file.
FolderStruct for a single folder.
FOLDERCAPABILITYFLAGSFolder capability flags.
FolderInfoUnionUnion for folder type -specific data in MF_Folder.
FTSFLAGSCombination of full-text search flag bitfields.
GroupingLevelExtended expression (used to describe a view level, for example).
IndirectionLevelProperty definition or object type
IndirectPropertyIDIndirect property ID.
IndirectPropertyIDLevelIndirect property ID level.
IndirectPropertyIDLevelRefIndirect property ID level reference.
ITEMFLAGSItem (value list item or object) flags.
ItemIDItem ID. Can be used to represent any item identity, that can be located natively in M-Files or in external system. E.g. value list item id or object id.
ItemInfoInformation about the item (value list item or object).
LookupSingle-value lookup datatype.
MultiSelectLookupMulti-value lookup datatype.
NamedACLNamed ACL (= predefined permissions).
NamedValueStruct for a named value stored in a vault.
OBJECTCAPABILITYFLAGSObject capability flags.
ObjectClassObject class.
OBJECTDATAREQUESTFLAGSObject data request flags.
ObjectLevelInfoObject-level information.
OBJECTOPFLAGSObject operation flags.
ObjectPermissionsForClientEvaluated permissions for current user.
ObjectTypePermissionsForClientEvaluated permissions for current user.
ObjectTypeSearchCharacteristicsSearch characteristics of an object type.
ObjectTypeTargetForBrowsingObject type's target (instances of another object type in a view) for browsing.
ObjectVersionObject Version.
ObjectVersionActivityStruct for ObjectVersionActivity.
ObjectVersionActivityRequestObject version activity request.
ObjectVersionActivityResponseObject version activity response.
ObjectVersionDataObject info, property values, ACL and object permissions for client.
ObjectVersionDataRequestStruct for a object data request details.
ObjectVersionDataResultStruct for a object data result details.
ObjectVersionExObject version and object-level information.
ObjectVersionExWPObject info, property values, and ACL.
ObjectVersionFileActivityObject version file activity.
OBJECTVERSIONFILEACTIVITYFLAGSObject version file activity action type flags.
ObjectVersionPropertyActivityObject version property activity.
OBJECTVERSIONPROPERTYACTIVITYFLAGSObject version property activity action type flags.
ObjFileSourceStruct for object file source data in a add object with files call.
ObjFileSourceUnionUnion for object file source type specific data in MF_ObjFileSource.
ObjIDObject ID.
OBJTYPEFLAGSObject type flags (bitfields).
ObjVerObject ID and version.
OBJVERFLAGSObject version flags.
PropertyDefStruct for a single property definition.
PROPERTYDEFFLAGSProperty definition flags (bitfields).
PropertyDefPermissionsForClientEvaluated permissions for current user.
PropertyValueStruct for a single property value.
PropertyValueArrayThis struct contains just an array of property values.
PropertyValueSuggestionThe definition of an automatic value.
RelationshipDataStruct for a relationship (between objects).
RelationshipGroupStruct for list of related objects.
SearchConditionA structure that specifies a single search condition.
SearchConditionArrayThis struct contains an array of MF_SearchCondition structures.
SearchDefStruct for a search definition.
SearchFlagsSearch flags.
SearchOutputInfoAdditional information about a completed search operation.
SearchResultsItemInformation on search results item (object version info + search specific info).
SearchResultsPageRequestIdentifies a search results page request.
SearchResultsSortingStruct for specifying sorting for search results.
SEARCHSTATUSFLAGSSearch status flags.
SearchTargetSearch options.
SetPropertiesParamsStruct for a parameter set for MF_SetPropertiesMultiple.
SortFlagsSort flags.
SortRuleStruct for a sort rule.
SortRuleFlagsSort rule flags.
SortRuleValueArrayStruct for an array of sort rules.
SRPREQUESTFLAGSSearch results page request flags.
StateBasicBasic state info (for normal clients).
StateTransitionBasicBasic state transition info (for normal clients).
TemplateStruct for Template information. ! TODO Introduce TemplateType, Union Struct.
TypedValueA typed value. Typically used to represent the value of a property or an evaluated expression.
TypedValueUnionUnion for typed value data (depends on data type).
ValueListObject type, basic data.
ValueListItemItem in a value list.
VersionCommentObject version and its property values.
VersionCommentArrayThis struct contains an array of object versions and related property values.
ViewStruct for a single view.
VIEWFLAGSView flags.
ViewLocationStruct for a view location.
WorkflowBasic workflow.