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Indirect property ID level type enumeration.

OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_UNINITIALIZEDThe version has not been initialized.0
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_LATESTThe version represents the latest version.1
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_ANYThe version represents the any version.2
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_ALLThe version represents the all versions.3
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_SPECIFICThe version is a reference to a specific version4
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_VALUE_LIST_ITEMThe version represents value list item. (Which actually don't have any version information.)6
OBJ_VER_VERSION_TYPE_OBJECT_LEVEL_REFERENCEThe version is with objid to refer to object level inside M-Files Server.7