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Enumeration for different conditions regarding file information.

FILE_VALUE_TYPE_HAS_FILESDoes the document contain one or more files.0
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_FILE_NAMEFile name (title + extension), can include DOS wildcards (such as *.txt).1
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_FILE_SIZEFile size in bytes.2
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_CREATION_TIMEThe creation time of the file.4
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_CHANGE_TIMEThe change time of the file.5
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_LINKED_TO_EXTERNAL_LOCATIONIs the file is linked to an external location (Yes/No).6
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_LINKED_EXTERNAL_LOCATION_IDThe ID of the external location to which the file is linked. NULL if not linked.7
FILE_VALUE_TYPE_HAS_DUPLICATESDoes the document have one or more duplicates.8