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Gets the contents of the specified folder.


// Assumes shellUI has been initialized with IShellUI instance
const results = await shellUI.Vault.SearchOperations.GetFolderContents({
call_importance: 2 /* Enum: CallImportance */,
target: {
index: "<!< Specifies the index to use on the server.>",
mode: 3 /* Enum: SearchMode */,
path: [] /* Array of Folder */,
limit: 0,
sorting: {
rules: {
values: [] /* Array of SortRule */,
options: {
all: false,
allow_resorting_to_default_sort: false,


call_importanceThe importance level of this call. Typically eciNormal.CallImportance
targetSearch options.SearchTarget
pathDescribes the parent folder as JSON array (Represented by CMF_FolderArray struct).Folder[]
limitRequested max results. If this is 0, it should be ignored.number
sortingIf not empty, specifies how search results are being sorted.SearchResultsSorting

Return type

view_foldersResulting views as JSON array (Represented by CMF_View struct).View[]
property_foldersResulting property folders as JSON array (Represented by CMF_TypedValue struct).TypedValue[]
traditional_foldersResulting traditional folders as JSON array (Represented by CMF_Lookup struct).Lookup[]
objectsResulting objects as JSON array (Represented by CMF_SearchResultsItem struct).SearchResultsItem[]
external_repository_foldersExternal views as JSON array.ExternalView[]
has_more_property_foldersAre there more property folders?boolean
has_more_objectsAre there more objects?boolean
has_more_external_repository_foldersAre there more external view folders?boolean
search_execution_infoAdditional information about the completed search operation.SearchOutputInfo


"view_folders": [] /* Array of View */,
"property_folders": [] /* Array of TypedValue */,
"traditional_folders": [] /* Array of Lookup */,
"objects": [] /* Array of SearchResultsItem */,
"external_repository_folders": [] /* Array of ExternalView */,
"has_more_property_folders": false,
"has_more_objects": false,
"has_more_external_repository_folders": false,
"search_execution_info": {
"processing_time_at_engine_in_milliseconds": 0,
"processing_time_at_engine_from_mfserver_in_milliseconds": 0,
"processing_time_at_mfserver_in_milliseconds": 0,
"processing_time_at_mfserver_from_client_in_milliseconds": 0