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Gets all object classes and groups.


// Assumes shellUI has been initialized with IShellUI instance
const results =
await shellUI.Vault.PropertyDefsOperations.GetObjectClassesAndGroups({
call_importance: 2 /* Enum: CallImportance */,
known_version: 0,


call_importanceThe importance level of this call. Typically eciNormal.CallImportance
known_versionThe version ID of the classes collection currently known by the caller. If the classes collection has not been updated since, *pi64CurrentClassesVersionOnServer is set to this same number and no data is returned. Specify zero to force the retrieval of values.number

Return type

current_versionReceives the current version of the classes collection on the server. If this is the same as the one specified by the caller, no data is returned.number
classesResults as JSON array (Represented by CMF_Class struct array).ObjectClass[]
class_groupsResults as JSON array (Represented by CMF_DocClassGroup struct array).ClassGroup[]


"current_version": 0,
"classes": [] /* Array of ObjectClass */,
"class_groups": [] /* Array of ClassGroup */