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Gets all property definitions.


// Assumes shellUI has been initialized with IShellUI instance
const results = await shellUI.Vault.PropertyDefsOperations.GetPropertyDefs({
call_importance: 2 /* Enum: CallImportance */,
include_icons: false,
known_version: 0,


call_importanceThe importance level of this call. Typically eciNormal.CallImportance
include_iconsTrue to get PropertyDef icon data, too. You can set this to false to speed up the query if you do not need the icons.boolean
known_versionThe version ID of the PropertyDefs collection currently known by the caller. If the PropertyDefs collection has not been updated since, *plCurrentPropertyDefsVersionOnServer is set to this same number and no data is returned. Specify zero to force the retrieval of values. // TODO: Make as optionalnumber

Return type

current_versionReceives the current version of the PropertyDefs collection on the server. If this is the same as the one specified by the caller, no data is returned.number
property_defsResults as JSON array (Represented by CMF_PropertyDef struct).PropertyDef[]


"current_version": 0,
"property_defs": [] /* Array of PropertyDef */