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Gets items contained in a given value list, the permissions of the items are included.


// Assumes shellUI has been initialized with IShellUI instance
const results =
await shellUI.Vault.ValueListsOperations.GetValueListItemsWithPermissions({
call_importance: 2 /* Enum: CallImportance */,
external_data_source_refresh: 2 /* Enum: ExtDBRefreshType */,
value_list: 0,
filtering_property_def: 0,
known_version: 0,
allow_delta: false,
resolve_current_user_placeholders: false,
include_permissions: false,


call_importanceThe importance level of this call. Typically eciNormal.CallImportance
external_data_source_refreshThe type of refresh that is requested in case the value list or object type is external.ExtDBRefreshType
value_listThe ID of the value list.number
filtering_property_defIf not -1, specifies the property definition the filter of which should be applied to the list.number
known_versionThe version ID of this value list's data currently known by the caller. If the contents of the value list have not been updated since, *pi64CurrentVersionOnServer is set to this same number and no data is returned. Specify zero to force the retrieval of all (first N) values. When this is zero, the server never returns an appropriate delta (changes to the list).number
allow_deltaTrue if the client allows receiving a delta (changes to the list).boolean
resolve_current_user_placeholdersSet to true to replace (current user) in ACLForObjects with identity of the caller.boolean
include_permissionsSet to true to include value list permissions.boolean

Return type

current_versionReceives the current version of the value list's data on the server. If this is the same as the one specified by the caller, no data is returned.number
is_deltaSet to true if the server returned an appropriate delta to the list (i.e. just the occurred changes to the list).boolean
removed_itemsReceives the removed items. This contains data only when a delta is returned. Otherwise it must be an empty array.number[]
itemsReceives the items as JSON array (represented by MF_ValueListItem struct). In case of a delta, this specifies the items that were inserted or updated since the client previously contacted the server.ValueListItem[]
item_aclsThe ACLs of the latest versions as JSON (represented by MF_ACLArray struct).AccessControlList[]
item_current_user_permissionsThe permissions of items for current user as JSON array (represented by MF_ObjectPermissionsForClient struct).ObjectPermissionsForClient[]
has_more_resultsReceives true if the results were limited.boolean


"current_version": 0,
"is_delta": false,
"removed_items": [] /* Array of number */,
"items": [] /* Array of ValueListItem */,
"item_acls": [] /* Array of AccessControlList */,
"item_current_user_permissions": [] /* Array of ObjectPermissionsForClient */,
"has_more_results": false