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Searches for value list items, the permissions of the items are included.


// Assumes shellUI has been initialized with IShellUI instance
const results =
await shellUI.Vault.ValueListsOperations.SearchValueListItemsWithPermissions({
call_importance: 2 /* Enum: CallImportance */,
external_data_source_refresh: 2 /* Enum: ExtDBRefreshType */,
value_list: 0,
filtering_property_def: 0,
search_conditions: [] /* Array of SearchCondition */,
resolve_current_user_placeholders: false,
include_permissions: false,
results_limit: 0,


call_importanceThe importance level of this call. Typically eciNormal.CallImportance
external_data_source_refreshThe type of refresh that is requested in case the value list or object type is external.ExtDBRefreshType
value_listThe ID of the value list.number
filtering_property_defIf not -1, specifies the property definition the filter of which should be applied to the list.number
search_conditionsSearch conditions (combined with AND) as JSON array (represented by MF_SearchCondition struct).SearchCondition[]
resolve_current_user_placeholdersSet to true to replace (current user) in ACLForObjects with identity of the caller.boolean
include_permissionsSet to true to include value list permissions.boolean
results_limitThe maximum number of results returned. Use 0 to retrieve all results.number

Return type

itemsReceives the results as JSON array (represented by MF_ValueListItem struct).ValueListItem[]
item_aclsThe ACLs of the latest versions as JSON array (represented by MF_ACL struct).AccessControlList[]
item_current_user_permissionsThe permissions of items for current user as JSON array (represented by MF_ObjectPermissionsForClient struct).ObjectPermissionsForClient[]
has_more_resultsReceives true if the results were limited.boolean


"items": [] /* Array of ValueListItem */,
"item_acls": [] /* Array of AccessControlList */,
"item_current_user_permissions": [] /* Array of ObjectPermissionsForClient */,
"has_more_results": false