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Access control list.

checked_out_to_userSpecifies the ID of the user who has extended rights because of the checkout operation performed by her. 0 if such user does not exist.number
is_fully_authoritativeSpecifies whether this access control list is set to ignore the secondary permissions that come from the latest checked in version.boolean
custom_componentAccesses the custom component of this ACL.AccessControlListComponent
restrictive_componentsAccesses the restrictive automatic components of this ACL.AccessControlListComponentMapEntry[]
secondary_access_control_listSecondary ACL used for latest version ACL. Not used for access check if null.AccessControlList
additive_componentsAccesses the additive automatic components of this ACL.AccessControlListComponentMapEntry[]


"checked_out_to_user": 0,
"is_fully_authoritative": false,
"custom_component": {
"named_acl_id": 0,
"has_named_acl": false,
"current_user_id": 0,
"has_current_user": false,
"permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"overridability_permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"status": {
"all": false,
"deleted": false,
"source_item_linked_via_pseudo_users": false
"restrictive_components": [] /* Array of AccessControlListComponentMapEntry */,
"secondary_access_control_list": {} /* AccessControlList */,
"additive_components": [] /* Array of AccessControlListComponentMapEntry */