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The definition of an automatic value.

upload_idsThe upload session IDs associated with the metadata request. If the metadata request is pointed for existing object, the existing files are used instead.number[]
object_type_idThe object type of object that is about to be created.number
obj_verThe object version if the automatic metadata request is pointed for existing object.ObjVer
propertiesThe property values of the object.PropertyValue[]
servicesList of requested metadata providers. Empty if all metadata providers are applied.string[]
custom_dataThe custom data for metadata providers.string


"upload_ids": [] /* Array of number */,
"object_type_id": 0,
"obj_ver": {
"obj_id": {
"type": 0,
"item_id": {
"internal_id": 0,
"external_repository_id": {
"connection": "<!< The external repository connection identifier.>",
"item": "<item>"
"version": {
"type": 7 /* Enum: ObjVerVersionType */,
"internal_version": 0,
"external_repository_version": "<external_repository_version>",
"external_repository_sort_key": 0
"properties": [] /* Array of PropertyValue */,
"services": [] /* Array of string */,
"custom_data": "<!< The custom data for metadata providers.>"