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Struct for a parameter set for MF_SetPropertiesMultiple.

obj_verThe object version to set the properties of.ObjVer
allow_modifying_checked_in_objectIf true, modifying a checked-in document is possible. The server automatically checks out, modifies and checks in the document.boolean
fail_if_not_latest_checked_in_versionIf bAllowModifyingCheckedInDoc is true, this parameter defines if the method should fail if there already is a checked-in version that is newer than lDocVersion.boolean
object_version_guidIf not GUID_NULL, specifies the ObjVersionGUID of the version to set the properties of. The server will use this GUID for additional checks if bFailIfNotLatestCheckedInVersion is true.string
set_propertiesThe properties to add/replace.PropertyValue[]
is_full_setTrue if ppropvalSet contains the full set of properties. Other existing properties will be removed.boolean
remove_propertiesThe properties to remove (property definition IDs).number[]
optionsFlags that control this operation.OBJECTOPFLAGS
acl_enforcing_modeACL enforcing mode.ACLEnforcingMode
aclThe provided ACL. Can be NULL.AccessControlList


"obj_ver": {
"obj_id": {
"type": 0,
"item_id": {
"internal_id": 0,
"external_repository_id": {
"connection": "<!< The external repository connection identifier.>",
"item": "<item>"
"version": {
"type": 7 /* Enum: ObjVerVersionType */,
"internal_version": 0,
"external_repository_version": "<external_repository_version>",
"external_repository_sort_key": 0
"allow_modifying_checked_in_object": false,
"fail_if_not_latest_checked_in_version": false,
"object_version_guid": "<object_version_guid>",
"set_properties": [] /* Array of PropertyValue */,
"is_full_set": false,
"remove_properties": [] /* Array of number */,
"options": {
"all": false,
"require_read_access_after_operation": false,
"require_edit_access_after_operation": false,
"disallow_name_change": false,
"require_change_permissions_access_after_operation": false,
"require_full_access_after_operation": false,
"change_acl_in_all_versions": false
"acl_enforcing_mode": 2 /* Enum: ACLEnforcingMode */,
"acl": {
"checked_out_to_user": 0,
"is_fully_authoritative": false,
"custom_component": {
"named_acl_id": 0,
"has_named_acl": false,
"current_user_id": 0,
"has_current_user": false,
"permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"overridability_permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"status": {
"all": false,
"deleted": false,
"source_item_linked_via_pseudo_users": false
"restrictive_components": [] /* Array of AccessControlListComponentMapEntry */,
"secondary_access_control_list": {} /* AccessControlList */,
"additive_components": [] /* Array of AccessControlListComponentMapEntry */