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Basic state transition info (for normal clients).

idState transition ID.number
nameThe name of the state transition.string
from_state_idFrom state ID.number
to_state_idTo state ID.number
can_current_user_selectIs the transition selectable in UI from the user's point of view? Non-selectable transition is dimmed.boolean
are_state_transition_permissions_object_specificSpecifies if the selectable flag is affected by pseudo users. If true, the selectable flag can be trusted only if the available state transitions are requested for a specific objver.boolean


"id": 0,
"name": "<!< The name of the state transition.>",
"from_state_id": 0,
"to_state_id": 0,
"can_current_user_select": false,
"are_state_transition_permissions_object_specific": false