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Access control list component.

named_acl_idSpecifies the named ACL link of this component.number
has_named_aclSpecifies whether this component has a named ACL link. TODO: Use pointersboolean
current_user_idSpecifies the current user binding of this component.number
has_current_userSpecifies whether this component has a current user access control entry. TODO: Use pointersboolean
permissionsThe access control entry datas. The data belongs to the key in the corresponding index.AccessControlEntry[]
overridability_permissionsOverridability permission data of this ACL component.AccessControlEntry[]
statusModification status of this component.ACCESSCONTROLLISTCOMPONENTSTATUSFLAGS


"named_acl_id": 0,
"has_named_acl": false,
"current_user_id": 0,
"has_current_user": false,
"permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"overridability_permissions": [] /* Array of AccessControlEntry */,
"status": {
"all": false,
"deleted": false,
"source_item_linked_via_pseudo_users": false