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Object Version.

versionObject version.ObjVerVersion
titleThe title of the object.string
is_single_file_objectIs this document in single-file mode (can contain exactly one file).boolean
has_assignmentsTrue if relationships from one or more assignments to this object version exist.boolean
last_modified_at_utcThe time when the object was last modified (same as the PROPERTYDEF_LASTMODIFIED propertyvalue).google.protobuf.Timestamp
filesObject files.File[]
object_version_flagsBit flags that provide additional information on the object version.OBJVERFLAGS
class_idThe class of the object version.number
version_guidGUID of the object version.string
primary_fileFile ID of the primary file of a multi-file object, if the object is a multi-file object.FileID


"version": {
"type": 7 /* Enum: ObjVerVersionType */,
"internal_version": 0,
"external_repository_version": "<external_repository_version>",
"external_repository_sort_key": 0
"title": "<!< The title of the object.>",
"is_single_file_object": false,
"has_assignments": false,
"last_modified_at_utc": {
"seconds": 0,
"nanos": 0
} /* google.protobuf.Timestamp */,
"files": [] /* Array of File */,
"object_version_flags": {
"all": false,
"is_assignment_completed": false,
"has_related_objects": false,
"is_assignment_rejected": false,
"has_file_duplicates": false
"class_id": 0,
"version_guid": "<!< GUID of the object version.>",
"primary_file": {
"type": 3 /* Enum: FileIDType */,
"internal_id": 0,
"external_repository_id": "<!< External file id.>"