Resource hierarchy

Being REST-like service, the MFWS resources are accessible through URIs. The URIs contain placeholder tokens for different arguments. The token types are listed below in table 1. Note that the optional tokens such as (version) and (path) also gobble one of the surrounding forward slashes: /views/(path)/items with path omitted becomes /views/items.

Table 1: MFWS URI tokens
Token Regex expansion Meaning
(type) (\d+) Object type of an object.
(objectid) (\d+|e[^/]) ID of an object or value list item. External IDs are prefixed with e.
(version) (\d+|latest|) Object version. Optional, will refer to the latest if omitted.
(file) (\d+) Object file ID.
(id) (\d+) A numerical ID used with different structures.
(path) ([^/]+/)* View path. May be completely empty. See Encoding syntax for encoding reference.

Note that the JSON structures returned by M-Files Web Service may contain fields not specified in this document. These fields are used by M-Files Classic Web and they may change in future M-Files versions. Do not use these fields if you require long term compatibility. Only the fields specified in this document will be monitored for version compatibility.


Item Description
Authentication token Authentication token representing the current session.
Authentication tokens Transient resource used in calculating new authentication tokens.
Check out status Resource representing the check out state of the object.
Class icon  
Comments Resource listing the full object comment history.
Contents The contents of a single file.
Deleted Resource representing the Deleted-state of an object.
External source refresh The refresh status for an external object type.
Favorite object A single favorite object.
Favorites Collection of favorited objects.
File name The file name of an object file.
File thumbnail File thumbnail.
History Resource listing the full object version history.
Object A single object.
Object class Information on a single object class.
Object classes Collection of object class information.
Object file A single file on an object.
Object files Files belonging to an object.
Object properties The properties of an object.
Object thumbnail The object thumbnail.
Object title Resource representing the object title.
Object type Information on a single object type.
Object type icon  
Object types Collection of object type information.
Object version A single object version.
Object workflow state Resource representing the object workflow state.
Objects Collection of objects in the document vault.
Objects of type Collection of objects filtered by object type.
Properties of multiple objects A resource that allows access to properties of multiple objects.
Property definition Information on a single property definition.
Property definitions Collection of property definitions.
Recently accessed by the user A collection of objects recently accessed by the current user.
Relationship count The count of the related objects.
Relationships A collection of related objects.
Search view contents All objects found within the view.
Server public key The server public key used to secure messages between the client and the server.
Server resources Server-level resources.
Server status Server status.
Session Current user session information.
Single object property A single property of an object.
Sub-object count The count of the sub-objects.
Sub-objects A collection of sub-objects.
Temporary upload A collection of temporary uploads.
Value list item Single value list item information.
Value list item title The title of a value list item.
Value list items Collection of value list items for a single value list.
Vault The document vault attached to the current session.
Vault structure Vault metadata structure information.
Vaults Collection of vaults on the server.
View A single view in the view hierarchy.
View contents Contents of a single view.
View contents count The count of items within the single view.
Workflow Information on a single workflow.
Workflow state Information on a single workflow state.
Workflow states Collection of states under a single workflow.
Workflows Collection of workflows.