Information on this page is only applicable to M-Files (server) version 11.2.4320.57 and higher.

Shared Links

Gets or creates shared links.



Retrieves all the shared links created by the current user or (if the user is an admin) returns all shared links in the vault.

Output: SharedLinkInfo[]


Creates a shared link for the file information provided.

Input: SharedLinkInfo
Output: SharedLinkInfo
  Information about the new shared link (including the access key).

Valid ShareLinkInfo configurations

ObjectVersion Type File Version Type Version
MFObjVerVersionTypeUninitialized MFFileVerVersionTypeUninitialized -1 or latest version number
MFObjVerVersionTypeUninitialized MFFileVerVersionTypeUninitialized specific version number
MFObjVerVersionTypeSpecific MFFileVerVersionTypeUninitialized -1 or latest version number
MFObjVerVersionTypeSpecific MFFileVerVersionTypeUninitialized specific version number

* All other combinations will not work/not supported


Item Description
Delete a shared link Deletes/deactivates an existing shared link.
Download content of a shared link Downloads a shared file.