Value list items


Collection of value list items for a single value list.



Output: Results<ValueListItem>
  Retrieves value list item information.
Parameters: ?filter - Filter using name. Supports wildcards.
  ?limit - The number of items to return. Defaults to 500.
  ?filterItem - See below
  ?conditionType - One of the following values: 1 = “Equal to”, 2 = “Not equal to”, 3 = “Greater than”, 4 = “Less than”.

The filterItem querystring parameter can be used to filter a sub-value-list by parents. The value of the querystring parameter should be the ID of the parent value list followed by a colon followed by a comma-separated list of IDs to filter by. For example:

  • /REST/valuelists/160/items?filterItem=159:1,2 - here the value list with ID 160 is States and the value list with ID 159 is Countries. If the country with ID 1 is the United States and country with ID 2 is the United Kingdom, the returned value list items would only contain states of the United States and the United Kingdom. States must be defined as a sublist of Countries for this to work.


Input: ValueListItem
Output: ValueListItem
  Creates a new value list item in the value list.


Item Description
Value list item Single value list item information.