Collection of objects in the document vault.



Output: Results<ObjectVersion>
  Retrieves objects. The amount of returned objects is limited by the server, by default to 500 items. This can be increased by following this guidance. See search encoding for how to further specify the objects.

Earlier 9.0.3372.x M-Files versions have an issue preventing the use of this resource. The search within root view (/views/objects) resource is identical to this one and can be used as a working alternative.


public ObjectVersion[] GetObjectVersion( string searchTerm )
    // Construct the URL by filling type, id and version.
    string url = string.Format("http://example.org/REST/objects?q={0}", searchTerm );

    // Create the web request.
    WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create( url );

    // Fill the authentication information.
    request.Headers["X-Authentication"] = this.AuthenticationToken;

    // Receive the response.
    var response = request.GetResponse();

    // Use DataContractJsonSerializer to deserialize the JSON formatted
    // ObjectVersion information from the response stream.
    var serializer = new DataContractJsonSerializer( typeof( Results<ObjectVersion> ) );
    var results = (Results<ObjectVersion>)serializer.ReadObject( response.GetResponseStream() );

    return results.Items;
Example 1: Retrieving an object version.


Item Description
Automatic metadata suggestions Returns suggestions for metadata properties from the installed Intelligence Services.
Demoting objects Demotes external objects that have been previously promoted.
Objects of type Collection of objects filtered by object type.
Setting properties on multiple objects Sets properties on multiple objects at once. Can also be used to promote unmanaged objects.
Properties of multiple objects A resource that allows access to properties of multiple objects.