Resource types

The request and response formats of resources are defined in terms of common types. Most of the types derive directly from those of M-Files API while some of the types are unique to M-Files Web Service.

JSON data types

When the object instances of these types are transmitted over HTTP protocol they are serialized using one of the supported serialization formats, which currently include only JSON currently. Since M-Files Web Service uses richer type system than offered by JSON format, some of the types are represented using other types. The JSON format used by the types in M-Files Web Service are described in table 1 below.

Table 1: Data types of the resource type properties.
Type JSON serialization format
string JSON string.
int JSON number.
double JSON number.
bool JSON boolean.
DateTime Converted to ISO-8601 format and serialized as string.
Arrays JSON array.
Other objects JSON object.
Enumerations JSON number.


Item Description
AssociatedPropertyDef Based on M-Files API.
Authentication Authentication details.
ClassGroup Based on M-Files API.
ExtendedObjectClass An object class with extended properties. Inherits from ObjectClass.
ExtendedObjectVersion An object version with extended properties. Inherits from ObjectVersion.
FolderContentItem Based on M-Files API.
FolderContentItems An object version with extended properties. Inherits from ObjectVersion.
Lookup Based on M-Files API.
ObjectClass Based on M-Files API.
ObjectCreationInfo Specifies the information required when creating a new object.
ObjectsUpdateInfo Specifies information for updating objects via setmultipleobjproperties.
ObjectFile Based on M-Files API.
ObjectVersion Based on M-Files API.
ObjectVersionUpdateInformation Specifies information for updating objects via setmultipleobjproperties.
ObjectWorkflowState A workflow state on an object.
ObjID Based on M-Files API.
ObjType Based on M-Files API.
ObjVer Based on M-Files API.
PasswordChange Information required for changing password.
PropertyDef Based on M-Files API.
PropertyValue Based on M-Files API.
PublicKey Server public key information.
Results<T> Results of a query which might leave only a partial set of items.
SessionInfo Based on M-Files API.
StackTraceElement M-Files Web Service error stack trace element.
StatusResponse Response for status requests.
TypedValue A typed value represents a value, such as text, number, date or lookup item.
UploadInfo Contains the information on a temporary upload.
ValueListItem Based on M-Files API.
Vault Vault information.
WebServiceError M-Files Web Service error object.
VersionComment Based on M-Files API.
View Based on M-Files API.
ViewLocation Based on M-Files API.
Workflow Based on M-Files API.
WorkflowState Workflow state information.