Information on this page is only applicable to M-Files (server) version 12.0.6783.0 and higher.

Value list ID by alias


Resolves one or more value list aliases to their IDs.

This endpoint resolved value lists, not value list items.


Input: string[]
Output: JSON object (see below)

This endpoint accepts an array of strings of value list aliases to resolve. A sample request body is shown below:


This endpoint returns an object with a property for each provided alias with the value being the ID of the value list in the current vault that has that alias. A sample response body is shown below:

	"ValueListAlias1" : 101,
	"ValueListAlias2" : 102,
	"UnresolvedAlias" : -1

Aliases that could not be resolved will be returned as -1.


Item Description
Value List ID from alias (single) Allows resolution of a single value list ID from its alias