Object properties


The properties of an object.



Output: PropertyValue[]
  Retrieves the object properties
Parameters: ?forDisplay - If true, the response will be filtered and sorted for display. Each object has several built-in properties which usually aren’t shown to the user. This parameter can be used to leave those out.


Input PropertyValue[]
Output: ExtendedObjectVersion
  Sets the posted properties on the object. If the object already has a value for the sent properties this value will be overridden.


Note that PUT and DELETE verbs may not be supported in IIS; it is recommended to route them via the POST verb and specify the _method querystring parameter, as detailed in the compatibility page.

Input PropertyValue[]
Output: ExtendedObjectVersion
  Sets the object properties. Properties not included in the request are removed from the object.


Item Description
Single object property A single property of an object.